5 Home Improvement Projects to Tackle This Winter

5 Home Improvement Projects to Tackle This Winter

December 25, 2018

During this time of year, you may be thinking of delaying your home improvement projects until the warmer spring months, but there are a number of projects that you can complete while staying in the warmth of your home. Here are five ideas for a bit of winter inspiration.


1. De-Clutter


The simplest project on the list, all it takes to complete it is organizational skills and a few trash bags and boxes. Go through that drawer...you know the one I'm talking about...that kitchen or home office drawer that is a black hole for every knick knack  or item that doesn't have a proper place. Clean out that hall closet that is just a larger version of that drawer. What you don't want to do, however, is try to tackle the entire house at once. You will easily get overwhelmed and may even give up, feeling defeated. Start with one section of a room and complete it before moving to the next. When you are done with that room, move to one section of the next room, and so on, until the entire house has been de-cluttered. This will help you noticeably see the progress you are making.



2. Paint a Room...Or Two.


Being stuck inside in those cold months can make one feel gloomy. Why not lift your mood, and the overall mood of the room, by repainting it. Go with a cheery, bright color to liven things up. Don't forget to crack a window to let in fresh air while you're painting.




3. Add Crown Molding


While you have all the furniture pulled away from the walls due to your new paint job, why not add a bit more detail and style. Adding crown molding can completely renovate a space and doing the work yourself can definitely lower the overall price. You will need a table saw but many home improvement stores rent them out. Home Depot even has a tutorial on installing crown molding.


4. Add a Tile Backsplash


If you want to freshen up your kitchen or bathroom, consider adding a tile backsplash. In a kitchen, backsplashes usually fill the space between the counter tops and the top cabinets, but they could extend all of the way to the ceiling. In a bathroom, a tile backsplash looks nice above a vanity. This project doesn't take much time and you don't need good weather to do it.


5. Replace Flooring


Winter is a great time to change out that threadbare carpet throughout your home. Make sure, however, that you open windows to allow the fumes from the off-gassing to escape. You can also ask your carpet retailer to air it out ahead of time.

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