How to Use Colors of Nature in Home Design

How to Use Colors of Nature in Home Design

June 4, 2019


The colors of nature are very important when it comes to home design. Color can improve mood, productivity, and clarity of thought. It can also improve the ambiance of a space and help reduce stress. As such, when used properly, color can enhance home sales.


Nature's Palate & How It Impacts Us



Color can create the same feelings that nature does when it is used the right way. Blue shades usually make us think of clear skies or blue water. In addition, your brain actually releases calming hormones when you're exposed to blue. It is a great color to use to create a calming getaway within a bedroom.



Greens, naturally, are usually associated with vegetation and wilderness. The color also represents nourishment and balance. This color is easy to incorporate into home design with accent walls, living green walls, and even certain stones.



Yellow can be a tricky color. Some people love using the color in home design while others stay far away from it. This could be due to the very fine line of balance that one walks with yellow. With the right amount of the right shade, yellow can bring feelings of happiness and optimism. It can also enhance intelligence and mental agility. In other words, it would be like having sunshine on your walls. However, if overdone, it would be like getting too much sunshine and would leave you feeling overwhelmed and possibly nauseated.



Red is another color that needs to be used sparingly. Like yellow, too much red can be overpowering and irritating. Who wants to be irritated all of the time? In the right amounts, though, red can be stimulating and dramatic. The color promotes courage and fearlessness. Reds also remind people of summer since that is a time of plump red berries and of autumn with the changing color of leaves.


We are attracted to nature whether we are aware of it or not and nature's colors impact us in many different ways. Using those colors to enhance your home's design can not only make a difference in your home's value but also in your health and lifestyle.

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