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Mapping Travel

Are you dreaming of the days when you could schedule a vacation without the worries of quarantine, mask mandates, and restricted restaurant capacity??? I am!

It may be a few months (let's hope it is only a few more months) that we must consider these additional restrictions when planning to vacation. We'll see how COVID-19 continues to alter our 2020 reality. Until then, I've been inspired by ways to incorporate the idea of travel in everyday decor--with MAPS!

Maps can add a hint of Old World nostalgia to any room design. Or, it can be an extremely modern, daring focal point. While pre-printed murals are widely available to enhance your walls or ceilings, you can easily DIY these travel-inspiring accents with a paint brush, Modge Podge, and a little bit of spare time!

I've gathered 20 awe-inspiring designs to peak your imagination.

All images courtesy of Pinterest.

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