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Revitalizing Your Rental

In the wake of Laura, many Louisianians are housed in rental accommodations while waiting for the next stage of recovery. For some, it will be a brief transition. For others, it can take months, even years, to finally restore a storm damaged home.

Having flooded in the Great Flood of 2016, I am all too familiar with being displaced after a storm. Our rental life lasted almost two years.

One thing is certain, home is where the heart is, where your family is. Even in a temporary, or lengthy temporary rental--beige walls, outdated tile, and "vintage" or builder-grade fixtures aside.

Luckily, there are many ways that you can customize your home design without violating your rental agreement! I've put together a few DIY decorating options that can instantly personalize your rental and add instant "at home appeal."

Peel And Stick Tile

These easy to apply tiles look great and won't damage the existing flooring! They can be found at Home Depot or Lowes and style and color options are limitless.

Temporary Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Vinyl sheet flooring can serve much like a custom fit area rug. Often, the weight of the product alone allows the sheeting to settle.

Large Tapestries

When painting isn't an option, large wall tapestries add instant personality to a boring room. Fabric can be found online, at hobby shops, or even at flea markets!

Peel And Stick Wallpaper

It's not Grandma's wallpaper! Retailers offer easily removable, trendy wall paper designs. Target's selection is fantastic and some are even reusable. Use the wallpaper to create an accent wall, cover an entire room, or back open shelving for a punch of color or texture.

Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

Changing cabinet and drawer hardware is an easy DIY project that will instantly update a room. As a bonus, you can take it when you move out!

Peel and Stick Back Splash

Kitchens are upgraded with stick on tile. The process is easy and usually inexpensive considering the smaller surface area.

Decorative Window Clings

Perhaps my favorite upgrade, temporary window clings require no adhesive, allow light to filter in, and can be changed as often as you like!

All images courtesy of Pinterest.

We'd love to see your rental upgrades! Share your photos in the comment section.

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