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Today's new home design celebrates the open floor-plan, tall ceilings, and shared community space that home buyers are requesting. Neutral colors still reign, as families tend to move more frequently than they have in previous generations and resale value and appeal is often on a home owner's mind.

So, what is there to do with that vast open wall-space? If you're looking to create an eye-catching focal point that can't be found in the majority of American homes, consider fabric art!

Fabric can be a lovely medium through which your creativity and personality can shine. There are fantastic tutorials available online which detail step by step how to adhere fabric to canvases, repurpose old framed artwork, utilize that vintage window pane, and even artfully create a unique hanging design.

Have you been wondering what to do with your grandmother's vintage scarves? Do you have an old blanket that you can't bare to part with? Maybe it's a wild shower curtain, an old set of baby clothes, or your collection of DIY shibori. Better yet, a patterned fabric that caught your eye at Hobby Lobby and you just couldn't resist!

Any one of these can become your one-of-a-kind, statement art piece. Here are a few unique examples that will have your design muscles ready to flex!

All images sourced from Pinterest and Unsplash.

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