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Greeting Autumn

I've always thought the changing of the seasons to be quite therapeutic. As if, four times a year, we get a metaphorical "do over" from the planet. Considering the way 2020 has played out thus far, a fresh start sounds like a breath of fresh air!

Although this Fall season may look a bit different than in previous years, some things will be the same. The air will be crisper, plaids and scarves will be worn, and warmer, richer colors will emerge. That includes home decor! So, let's talk wreaths!

Wreaths have a long history, dating back to the Persian Empire and are most often associated with Ancient Greece. Hung on doors, wreaths were a symbol for victory and were given and worn as tokens of honor. Today, they are most commonly used as seasonal decorations placed on the exterior door of the home.

Wreaths are subject to trends and this year here is what you can expect to see:

Sunflowers--A nod to the 90's sunflower mania, these wreaths incorporate black and white buffalo check and rich, deep colored flora.

Boho--The Boho wreath is simple, incorporating soft gold wrings and loose petaled flowers. Less is more with a Boho wreath.

Squares--Defying tradition, these wreaths visually ground the eye. Use of asymmetry is common, but the shape can also allow easy incorporation of non-flora elements.

Hydrangeas--the most popular flower of the season, the color options alone afford unlimited customization. I'm especially partial to the deep cranberry and crimson hues.

Swags--I love a swag wreath! The drape of this wreath can be casual or elegant. A tear drop shape is most common and creates a stunning curb-side appeal.

Pictures courtesy of Pinterest.

Do you have your fall wreath ready and waiting? Share a picture in the comments!

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